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Auto Rack
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Model ARL10
Machine dimensions 1000mm x 330mm
4 X Vertical poles (extendable) 1m (extendable to 2m)
Number of horizontal bars 6
LED light 36w
Auto stop when detected obstacle 360_F_292854695_LPwCvK8gRt4saZvG06gwwYtOvzwohe5s
Colour Silver
Minimum space required to fit in with the rack 1200mm X 700mm


Model ARF13N Series ARH13N Series
Machine Dimension 1260mm x 310mm 1260mm x 310mm
4 X Vertical poles (extendable) 1.3m (Extendable to 2.4m) 1.3m (Extendable to 2.4m)
Number of horizontal bars (Fixed length) 9 9
LED light 14w 14w
Blu-Ray UV LED Light (Disinfection / Auto off after 30mins) 4 x 6w 4 x 6w
Dual Fans (Remove odour / Auto off after 120mins) 360_F_292854695_LPwCvK8gRt4saZvG06gwwYtOvzwohe5s 360_F_292854695_LPwCvK8gRt4saZvG06gwwYtOvzwohe5s
Dual Heaters - 800w (Expedite drying process / Auto off after 120min) N.A. 360_F_292854695_LPwCvK8gRt4saZvG06gwwYtOvzwohe5s
Auto stop when detected obstacle  360_F_292854695_LPwCvK8gRt4saZvG06gwwYtOvzwohe5s 360_F_292854695_LPwCvK8gRt4saZvG06gwwYtOvzwohe5s
Colour Silver / Rose gold / Black Silver / Rose gold / Black
Minimum space required to fit in with the rack 1400mm X 600mm 1400mm X 600mm
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